Terms of Service:
My strengths are portraits, but I'm able to draw all kind of body shots with ease. I struggle with overly-detailed backgrounds so please keep this in mind before you commission me. I get my commissions done relatively fast, so expect updates shortly after you've paid. Upon accepting your request, you'll need to give me your PAYPAL so I'm able to send an invoice over. Remember that you're paying for a DIGITAL piece and no shipping will happen what-so-ever. I will not start your commission until the invoice as been paid to reduce the chance of becoming scam. You're allowed 2 revisions in the sketch stage only, and you won't be able to revision once the lineart's started. All artwork I've created will be used in the future for my own promotional purposes whether it be in a commission sheet or advertisement as I have the right to do so being the artist. You are not allowed to claim you've drawn any piece purchased, and you're not allowed to remove the watermark. If you repost the art, you must credit me by linking back to the website 'artsmoriendi.xyz'.

With all that out of the way, please see below for methods of contact, I can't wait to draw for you!

. Anything sexually explicit (Nudity is fine)
. Any suggested MAP, R*PE, P*DOPHILIA, PRO-MAP
. Anything unreasonably complicated / a mess

Contact Information:
. Email: artsmoriendi@gmail.com
. Discord: . weiss geist#7493
. Paypal: xnez@outlook.com
. DeviantArt: ArtsMoriendi Please email me / message me on discord to discuss commissions.